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Cineaste Bollywood Acting School came through my love and enthusiasm from one of my stage production’s and short acting classes. The students inspired me to give something back, not only to my students & colleagues but also to give an opportunity to everyone who loves to act and adores the Indian film industry. It is not feasible for everyone to go to Mumbai to learn film and stage performing arts or to get onto a course or pursue a career with the film industry. I decided to open the first British Hindi/English school of Bollywood acting in east London. The students will get the opportunity to learn and pursue their career within the film industry and it will also give Cineaste team a great pleasure of doing something for our community and for our country. 




Our Cineaste team members have a high consistency of skills and experience.

Sonia Kaur,  super model and actress who worked with Tamil independent artiste Dayan Shan & Dilakshan and Bollywood dance teacher, Sonia Kaur has graced the cover of Khush megazine and recently appeared in various video songs including Tamil Irudhi and various other short films.

We are a professional team who work with our students to assist them with achieving their career goals. We provide an excellent understanding of direction and support our students with the best of our knowledge and experience. The students, who have worked with us on our previous projects, felt so free, comfortable and enjoyed every project without any pressure. We listen to our students with a great smile.

Our comprehensive Package of Performing Arts, Stage Craft and Cineaste Bollywood Film Courses will provide students with significant skills in acting, Script-writing, Stage & Film Acting. Students will gain confidence over the course in all areas. The course provides a gateway to opportunities in the Indian Bollywood Film Industry and British Bollywood Film Industry, creative arts as well as the mainstream stage and film productions. Students will have the opportunity to create their own short film or production as part of the coursework assessment, which can be used in their own portfolio, also the talented actors will be recommended and sent to main stream Bollywood Indsutry in India and UK.

A discussion

I always loved the challenges in my life. Sometimes I struggled and other times just about made it. The real challenge of my life came through when a Producer asked me to select the cast and direct the stage production. It was the most difficult job for me to select few and disappoint the rest from the audition. At that time something came in my mind that I would form an academy in near future which would provide fulfilments of everyone’s dream who wanted to enter in the film industry. The question is why do you want to become an actor, because it is wonderful feeling when you wake up in next morning and be in front of a camera on the film set and hear these words “action and cut”. You do not want to leave the film set because it is life time memory and enjoyment. me Amit Kumar when I was 13 years old when I was inspired by the Hindi cinema and wanted to enter in the film industry. I was brilliant in arts but useless in the other subjects when I was a student. I was told by all my friends and relatives that I should stop dreaming about the film industry. Film is a rich boy’s game, which I never accepted it and carried on trying my luck further. After many years of struggle, I managed to build the relationship with the film industry and surprised everyone who knew me from my teenage years. I always say one thing that set your goal and keep on aiming at it, one day you will succeed. The cast I selected for my stage production, remarkably learnt lots of talent and confidence from me and moved on further in the artistic world.

We would love to write about many more names that could rise and star in the future projects.
Amit, Sonia and our Cineaste team

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